Mar 08
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New six-part drama “Brief Encounters”

This March I’ll be directing the final two episodes of ITV’s new six-part drama “Brief Encounters” in Sheffield. The drama will whip the audience back to 1982 where we’ll see a superb cast portraying a wide range of characters facing some intriguing challenges of the time. It’s a touching, exciting story exploring the women, men and history of the famous steel city. And it has the added fascination of studying the Ann Summers exotic lingerie parties of the early 80’s!

Take four women all struggling to find happiness and fulfilment, add a touch of glamour, gutsy humour and a desire to improve their lot in life and Brief Encounters is born.

Produced by BAFTA award winning indie CPL Productions, Brief Encounters is created and written by Fay Rusling and Oriane Messina (Green Wing, Me & Mrs Jones), and executive produced by CPL’s Arabella McGuigan and Danielle Lux alongside the writer-creators.